About us

Our story

Coval Technologies formed as a start-up upon the purchase of promising Intellectual Property in 2020. We dedicated over a year of meticulous R&D to refine the formula and process for product consistency. With a new chemical composition, we officially launched the improved product in May 2021. Our refined covalent bonding technology is dramatically improved and performs better than its predecessor.

Coval serves a global market with the USA supported from Houston, Texas, where we were founded. Our headquarters in Singapore serves all other markets.  We manufacture and distribute the surface protection and time saving power of Coval Technologies from our manufacturing facilities in Singapore and Houston. 

Coval aims to improve sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of coating usage in each new industry. We develop products that work to protect many types of surfaces effectively, reducing maintenance time while eliminating harsh cleaning chemicals. Whether it is protecting surfaces from graffiti, anti-icing on wind turbines, or simply requiring less time and recoats with improved durability on all substrates, our coatings exceed the performance of traditional coatings.

Our Team
Our team is made up of the brightest and the boldest individuals with decades of coatings research and application experience. We are innovative and always looking for new solutions to tackle our customers needs. Contact us today to see how we can help you.


At Coval, our vision is driving covalent technology for a sustainable future.

Driving covalent technology for a sustainable future.


Our Mission is to become a global player in the coatings industry. We recognize that to accomplish this we must first prioritize markets with high impact environmental concerns, invest in research and development to continually improve and outperform existing technology, consider the full life-cycle analysis of our product versus traditional and evaluate total costs to meet realistic market demands. 

Become a global player in the coatings industry, to do this we must:

                • Prioritize markets with high impact environmental concerns

                • Invest in R&D to continually improve and outperform existing technology

                • Consider full Life-Cycle-Analysis of our product vs traditional

                • Evaluate total costs to meet realistic market demands


Customer First

We prioritize customer satisfaction with every transaction and provide excellent problem solving and support.


We encourage communication and sharing of ideas across the organization.


We evaluate opportunities based on the full life-cycle benefits of our technology.


Understanding customer needs and utilizing research and development to continue to develop the next generation of our technology.


Holding ourselves accountable to these core values every day.

Global Reach

Research and Development

Our Research and Development team at Coval works tirelessly to constantly improve our products and develop new technologies to meet our customers demands. Key developmental goals for each formula iteration include increased performance metrics, novel market adoption, and increased sustainability results.

meet our U.S. Research and Development team

Brian Mueller – Director of Technology

“Brian is an innovative technology manager, scientist, grant writing and technical sale consultant. He is experienced in the application of novel approaches in advanced materials and coatings, semiconductor manufacturing, oil and gas and total well site sustainable solutions. He holds a Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry and has been active in the industrial specialty chemicals for over 20 years with claims to over 38 patents.”

Anthony Chatman – Laboratory Technician

“Anthony is an accomplished technical consultant, formulator, sales specialist, and researcher with over 26 years of experience in the industrial and decorative coatings industries. He holds multiple professional certifications and skillsets including ISO 9001, Lean Sigma Six, Root Cause Analysis, auditing, quality control, and process management.”