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Anti-Graffiti Performance in the Field

We love a story with a happy ending. Olmsted Parks Conservancy in Louisville, KY recently updated their park signage to durable, beautiful, laser printed metal. The 3/8″ aluminum signs were painted, printed, and then coated with Coval Metal Coat by the manufacturer.

Only a few weeks after installation some of the signs were vandalized by a graffiti artist with a permanent marker. Park maintenance crews successfully removed the graffiti with only a dab of isopropyl alcohol without damaging the underlying substrate or needing to reapply the coating.

“Thanks to our COVAL anti-graffiti coating the graffiti was removed easily.” – Major Waltman, Project Director, Olmsted Parks Conservancy

Coval Group is a chemical manufacturer in TX specializing in next generation coating technology for use in industrial, pipeline, marine, construction, flooring, healthcare, and electronics industries.