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Coval launches Singapore HQ

As part of Coval’s drive to bring its unique products to the world, Coval Group has moved its global headquarters to Singapore. The new office is located in Frasers Tower at 182 Cecil Street, joining international tenants such as Microsoft, Total Oil, Fonterra, and Pacific Life. The new home is a bastion of sustainability and […]

New Year, New CEO

Coval Group, a manufacturer of next generation nano coatings, has appointed Mike Ellsworth as CEO. Ellsworth has 35 years’ experience of managing and building companies. For example, he started Altus Oil & Gas Services in 1997 and expanded the company from its Singapore headquarters to USA, Norway, Holland, France, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, […]

Coval Metal Coat – Durability Check

Artist and sculpturer Jon Koehler used Coval Metal Coat over an acid etched stainless steel monument piece to lock in the “rusted” patina and protect the artwork from further corrosion, weathering, and graffiti. A clean up visit was made 1 month after initial install once the poured concrete base had cured. After weeks in the […]

Improve the Visual and Cost-Effectiveness of VCT

Schools, hospitals, and many businesses install Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) floors because of the low initial cost and the look of the bright tile. What the decision-makers do not always account for is the life cycle cost of keeping it clean and glossy looking. This creates several maintenance scenarios that have been occurring for decades: […]

Anti-Graffiti Performance in the Field

We love a story with a happy ending. Olmsted Parks Conservancy in Louisville, KY recently updated their park signage to durable, beautiful, laser printed metal. The 3/8″ aluminum signs were painted, printed, and then coated with Coval Metal Coat by the manufacturer. Only a few weeks after installation some of the signs were vandalized by […]

Coval Metal Coat – Anti-graffiti Test

Coval Group is honored to be working with Jon Koehler Sculpture. Jon is based in San Diego, CA and has created fantastic pieces of art using steel as his medium in both large and small format works. He uses Coval Metal Coat to protect his artwork from corrosion, weather, and graffiti. Metal Coat chemically bonds […]

Industrial Coating for Polished Concrete

Traditional high performance floor coating systems require aggressive surface preparation to get good adhesion. They rely on mechanical bonding by absorbing into the pores or rough topography of the surface. Therefore, you cannot use traditional coatings such as epoxy or urethanes on polished concrete and in mere days, they’ll peel off. Guards or Waxes are […]