Coval Installation – Take the Afternoon Off

Johnny Coval, a seasoned coatings installer, was looking forward to coating 9,000 sq. ft. of a new concrete floor in a beverage warehouse across town on Friday morning. He went to bed late, after eating habanero-mango wing sauce, and tossed and turned all night.

“I woke up in a cold sweat. I dreamt of huge, dark, grinding machines as they slowly worked across the warehouse floor to create the profile we would need to apply a coating.  A large clock loudly counted the hours; passing midnight and into the early hours of the morning and we were still grinding!  Sweat poured off me as the deadline approached.”  

“Then I woke up, rubbed my eyes, and remembered, I was applying Coval Concrete today! What a relief!  It will be a breeze and look fantastic,” thought Johnny. The concrete had been installed more than four months ago, so it was cured, with the moisture level less than13%, as measured by a two-prong moisture meter calibrated for concrete.

Johnny and his partner Dan arrived at 8am.  The contractors Johnny was working with had cleaned the floor well and protected the walls with tape and paper.  They were ready to start.  With a Coval Acetone Sprayer, they applied Coval Concrete Primer, a fast-drying, acetone-based acrylic sealer designed to fill in the concrete pores prior to applying Coval Concrete.

By the time they had applied Coval Primer from the front entrance to the back exit of the warehouse, the primer was dry, and they began installing Coval Concrete.

With 300-350 sq.ft./gal coverage for most concrete surfaces, including grind & seal, stamped overlay, or micro topping, Johnny ordered Coval in 5-gallon pails and poured it with a funnel into to the new, 3-gallon Coval acetone sprayer. He taped a cup to the side of the sprayer to hold the tip to avoid drips when he started and finished or had to stop.

Johnny sprayed Coval Concrete straight down, to a 5 mils wet film thickness, using a Red Fan Tip for gloss, with an overlap of 10%. He kept the spray tank pressurized, pumping it every 100-150 square feet. The results were perfect.

After cleaning the sprayer tank and tips with acetone, and packing up the truck, it was just 2 p.m., so Johnny and his partner left the site. Dan went to a nearby lake to enjoy some fishing, while Johnny spent the afternoon on a golf course.

Coval Technologies manufactures coatings using nanotechnology, which simplifies application, streamlines cleaning, and makes maintenance more efficient.​ Its protective coatings covalently bond to the substrate, and are single component, thin film, and UV stable, delivering outstanding stain resistance and exceptional hardness. Other popular Coval products are Coval Ultimate Top Coat, Coval Polished Concrete Sealer, Coval Vinyl and Primer.

Sold at over 90 distributor locations in the United States, and over a dozen international locations, Coval aims to improve sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of the coatings industry by eliminating harsh cleaning chemicals. For more information, visit