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Coval Polished Concrete Sealer Earns Concrete Contractor Top Product 2023 Award

Award winners of Concrete Contractor magazine’s 2023 Top Products.
May 12, 2023 by Jonathan Kozlowski

Today’s concrete contractors are working smarter than ever. Equipment and tools are designed to help them be more productive and as efficient as possible. The products and solutions presented with the Concrete Contractor 2023 Top Products award are designed to not only help overcome the challenges contractors face on a daily basis but do so with innovative ideas and ingenuity.

The Concrete Contractor 2023 Top Products award recognizes products, tools, and equipment within the construction, decorative, and finishing world. Congratulations to them all.

Presented in alphabetical order by company/manufacturer with a short list of honorable mentions.

Coval Polished Concrete Sealer

By Coval Technologies

The Coval Polished Concrete Sealer (PCS) by Coval Technologies won’t change the natural beauty of polished concrete while protecting the surface from stains, acids, and oils.

  • Will not distract from natural-looking polished concrete.
  • Better protection than traditional guards without constant maintenance. 
  • Penetrates the pores of polished concrete to create a new, long-lasting, chemical, and liquid barrier.
  • Will never become thick and gooey after repetitive adhesions as other concrete guards can do.
  • Protects against water and salt damage.

Thank you to For Construction Pros magazine for the recognition. https://www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete/equipment-products/article/22737492/concrete-contractors-2023-top-products