Coval Technologies Featured in Facility Executive Magazine

Coval UTC is a solution for facilities managers who want clean and chemically resistant floors! Featured in Facility Executive magazine, December issue, page 38.

Coval Technologies’ Coval Ultimate Top Coat was developed to protect surfaces with a strong chemical resistance to stains and scratches. UTC does not require harsh cleaning chemicals or buffing for a dependable, freshly cleaned look.

Coval UTC breaks the mold of traditional coatings with a covalent bond, rather than a mechanical bond that merely sits on the surface of the substrate. The polymer in UTC interacts on a molecular level to chemically bond and link to the surface. The covalent bond is much stronger than a mechanical bond.

The coating is spray-applied as a thin film, single component to polished and stained concrete, epoxy, and terrazzo tile flooring, signage, walls, and other indoor and outdoor infrastructure including fiberglass, natural stone, and treated wood. The irreversible, UV stable bond stops damage from graffiti, moisture, and acids. Should the coated surface receive excessive wear, it can be easily prepped and cleaned, and re-sprayed, as the coating sticks to itself.