Coval Technologies announces the release of Coval Matting Agent to be added to the gloss finish of Coval coatings to create a satin or matte finish. Previously, Coval coatings were packaged as gloss, satin, or matte finish, and now only the gloss finish will be sold, with the Coval Matting Agent added according to the finish desired.

“The new Coval Matting Agent provides versatility and ease for installers, distributors, and end users,” said Aaron Statser, General Manager at Coval. “Installers can easily change the finish if a client decides to go to Satin or Matte instead of gloss, and the distributor has less varied inventory and SKUs to manage.”

Packaged in sizes of 15.4g for a one-gallon unit, and 77g for a five-gallon unit, the Coval coatings to which Coval Matting Agent can be added are Coval Concrete, Coval Ultimate Top Coat, and Coval Vinyl. The matting agent is to be combined with a portion of the Coval coating in a mixing container using a paddle paint mixer with a low-speed handheld drill. Then, the remaining 1-gallon or 5-gallon pail of Coval is slowly added to the container and thoroughly mixed. A good dispersion of Coval Matting Agent is essential to assure optimum performance.

Coval Matting Agent is only to be used with the Coval coatings specified. Product details, regarding proportions of matting agent to Coval products, are on the label and the data sheets.

Coval Technologies manufactures coating products that provide exceptional stain resistance and durability through nanotechnology. With a global presence and a focus on sustainability, Coval aims to revolutionize the coatings industry by reducing environmental impact and enhancing efficiency. For more information, please visit