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First Coval Stone Certification Course Scheduled

HOUSTON, TX – The first Coval Stone Certification Course is scheduled for Wednesday, October 4, in Sugar Land, Texas, at Hampton Inn and Suites, 218 Promenade Way, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
     The course is designed to teach installers and restoration experts how to repair and preserve stone countertops, floors, walls and other stone surfaces in homes, restaurants, retail, and other business environments with installation of Coval Technologies’ latest product, Coval Stone.
     The professional class will be taught by Robert Falzone, a 30-year stone and masonry cleaning and restoration expert, and one of only a few approved instructors for the IICRC* in the field of Stone, Masonry and Tile Certifications (SMT) in the USA. Falzone was named National Director of Stone and Masonry for Coval in August 2023, and will certify the installers.
     “Owners of marble and granite countertops and floors can now rest easily!” said Falzone. “They do not have to worry about damage and expensive repairs when it is coated in Coval Stone.” New stone surfaces and those already in use can be repaired and coated with Coval Stone, which covalently bonds to the surface for an incredibly strong barrier against stains and acid etching. The transparent, single component sealer is a virtually permanent solution.
     The cost for the class is $320 per person (10% discount for second person from the same company), including lunch and a reception after the class, and comes with $200 worth of Coval products. Included are wet samples of Coval Stone, Coval Primer, and Coval Natural Look Sealer, a golf shirt, a tumbler, and a cap.
     “Hiring a Coval Stone Certified installer will preserve stone countertops, floors, and showers, and provide much easier care of the stone over a long period of time,” said Falzone.
     For more information, contact rfalzone@covaltechnologies.com, call 218-566-4277, or go to www.covaltechnologies.com/stone.


Coval Technologies aims to improve sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of the coatings industry by manufacturing coatings that decrease installation and maintenance time while eliminating harsh cleaning chemicals. For more information, visit www.covaltechnologies.com.

*Institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification

Marble sealed with Coval Stone, to resist stains and acid etching.