Imagine – a product that works just like an anti-fouling agent but contains no pesticides or heavy metals. Coval Marine has a high surface tension and an extremely tight matrix.

It creates a thin outer surface that is just too smooth and slippery for marine growth to anchor (pun intended) and significantly reduces the build-up of barnacles and slime that increase drag and fuel consumption, while at the same time protecting the hull from salt corrosion.

Coval Marine works on steel and composite hulls, underwater running gear, propellers, shafts, struts, strainers, and stabilizers. Used on props, this coating has been effective at eliminating and preventing pitting from cavitation.

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Coval Marine is formulated to give superior and unique performance characteristics over other marine coatings, all while withstanding one of the toughest working environments on the planet.

Ecological Antifouling

As an effective foul-release technology Coval Marine is safer for the environment and complies with all current and upcoming Federal and State EPA mandates.

Encapsulating Copper Based Hull Paints

Copper has been used to deter marine growth on ships for over 300 years, with copper based paints being an industry standard since the 1850s. Coval Marine can be applied directly over copper-based paints to encapsulate them and prevent the copper from leaching into the oceans.

Drag Reduction & Efficiency

Coval Marine adds less than half the weight of traditional coatings, resulting in a higher top speed at lower RPM, less drag, and lower engine stress.

Aluminum Corrosion

Coval Marine bonds directly to aluminum, creating a barrier that does not depend on paint, primers, or powder coating to impede the shine and beauty of the surface.

Offshore Protection

The smooth surface provided by Coval Marine inhibits marine growth, decreases wind resistance, and ice thaw time. This increases both life expectancy and operational uptime for offshore wind turbines and other marine equipment, with less dependance on de-icing agents.

Fiberglass Restoration

Coval Marine bonds and restores the light refractivity to the oxidized gelcoat and prevents further UV oxidation damage by creating a barrier to outside moisture and oxygen.