Coval Marine has a high surface tension and an extremely tight matrix for coating fiberglass, painted metals, and aluminum above the water line in wet or saltwater environments.

Above the water line, Coval Marine eliminates hours of cleaning topside fiberglass and aluminum marred by birds and saltwater.

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Coval Marine is formulated to give superior and unique performance characteristics over other marine coatings, all while withstanding one of the toughest working environments on the planet. We continue to refine Coval Marine Technology and it is undergoing testing to be able to be used as a foul and corrosion resistant coating underwater.

Aluminum Corrosion

Coval Marine bonds directly to aluminum, creating a barrier that does not depend on paint, primers, or powder coating to impede the shine and beauty of the surface.

Offshore Protection

The smooth surface provided by Coval Marine decreases wind resistance and ice thaw time.

Fiberglass Restoration

Restore dull, faded fiberglass gelcoat to its original shine by applying Coval Marine to any topside fiberglass surface.