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Natural Look Sealer


Designed to repel liquids, Coval Natural Look Sealer is a water-based hydrophobic sealer with the antimicrobial additive, Polyhexadine Biguanide (PHMB). The transparent barrier provides a long lasting, breathable surface resistant to water, mold, airborne dust, dirt, and alkali, preventing the appearance of mold and mildew-forming algae. 

The impregnating, UV stable sealer can be applied to virtually any interior and exterior surfaces that has pores. Coval Natural Look Sealer will leave behind a stain resistant, easy to clean surface.

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With its ease of installation and easy to clean surface, Coval Natural Look Sealer is a sustainable solution.

Virtually Waterproof

Coval stands out from the field of all-surface sealers with its liquid-repelling capacity.


Coval Natural Look Sealer repels water and other liquids to make it hydrophobic and stain-fighting. Works on any porous or semi-porous surface.

Antimicrobial Additive

Coval Natural Look Sealer acts as an invisible force field preventing algae, mold, and mildew forming on its surface when properly maintained.

Pores Indoors & Pores Outdoors

Coval Natural Look Sealer can be applied to virtually any architectural hard surface that has pores.

1 Coval Technologies’ solvents are exempt from VOC classification in the U.S. due to the negligible contribution to the formation of ground-level ozone as defined by the U.S. EPA.
Stain Fighting Strength

In addition to killing mold, mildew and algae, Coval Natural Look Sealer resists stains from common substances that can stain beautiful natural stone. The new covalent surface is easily cleaned with a wet mop or rag.

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Single component and ready to use, Coval Natural Look Sealer requires no measuring or mixing. One gallon covers 200-600 square feet (19-56 sq.m.), with the more porous surfaces requiring more product. Not to be used as a base coat for other sealers or used on non-porous surfaces.

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Approved Antimicrobial

It contains an FDA approved antimicrobial known as Vantocil™ IB which is a Polyhexanide Biguanide or PHMB.

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Pores Indoors & Pores Outdoors

Protect a wide range of hard surfaces with Coval Stone. Even those exposed to the weather elements and the public can withstand the traffic and graffiti hazard. Paint and marker ink wipes clean with a rag and acetone.

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