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Bring faded paint back to life and protect it for years to come! Why would you spend good money repainting a faded surface only to have it start fading the minute after it’s dry?
Oxidation is the process where UV light breaks down the paint. The surface becomes rough – the oxidation of the paint is changing the topography of the surface. The light is then scattered as it hits the surface making the paint look faded. Coval’s single component nano technology is able reverse this change and protect the surface for many years to come.

Constant exposure to the west coast sun and sea air caused rapid fading on these harbor lifts. Repainting would require some serious downtime and only be a short term solution in this environment. A quick spray application of Coval Metal coat brought back the rich blue hue and brightened the white lettering in one simple stroke, while protecting the paint from further oxidation, corrosion, and staining.
“These lifts are like billboards for our marina, able to be seen from a distance and over buildings, so it’s important they look good. Accomplishing that while protecting the paint and extending the life of the lift makes the Coval coating a great value. I plan to use it everywhere I can.” – Scott Crawford – Shipyard Foreman