first Coval stone certifitcation class, 10/4 in texas | Int'l FloorTEch show, jakarta, Sept. 20-23 | IFMA, Denver, sept 27-29


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Coval Stone is a professional grade sealer recommended to be applied by certified installers
only. The certification training* is conducted by Coval through participating local distributors.

The thin film, single component coating creates an incredibly strong covalent bond with the stone. It is easily applied by hand with an applicator pad for long-lasting durability against staining. It should be installed over an appropriate surface primer, such as Coval Stone Primer or used over an existing coating.

Coval coatings contain less than 100 g/L VOCs and exceed SCAQMD Rule 1113 requirements for air quality; as well as contain no known carcinogens under Proposition 65, California’s Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986.1

The First Coval Stone Certification Class:
Wednesday, October 4, 2023
9 am-4 pm
Sugar Land, TX

For Information, call or email:

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*To find and enroll in a class, contact You can also ask your local Coval distributor when the next Coval Certification Class is scheduled. Class schedules and pricing may vary from distributor to distributor.

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Coval Stone is a UV stable, sustainable solution designed to protect natural stone and other architectural surfaces from surface wear and harsh chemicals.

Marvelous Marble

Acid etching from citrus, wine, coffee, alcohol, juice, and vinegar is eliminated with Coval Stone on marble or any other calcium carbonate natural stone flooring, countertops, and decorative marble surfaces.

Gorgeous Granite

Granite countertops are almost standard in new homes and remodels but have been installed for years. Many surfaces need restoration for a virtually permanent solution.

Terrific Tiles

Manufactured clay-based tiles and synthetic surfaces on floors and countertops deserve a tough barrier to protect from stains.

Hard to Blemish

Coval Stone on architectural hard surfaces with assorted, mixed substrates resists graffiti from paint and markers. It wipes clean with a rag and acetone.

1 Coval Technologies’ solvents are exempt from VOC classification in the U.S. due to the negligible contribution to the formation of ground-level ozone as defined by the U.S. EPA.
Marvelous Marble

Single component and ready to use, Coval Stone requires no measuring or mixing, with
wasteful leftovers eliminated. One quart covers 200-250 square feet (19-24 sq.m.).

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Gorgeous Granite

When coated with Coval Stone, granite countertops are beautiful and long-lasting. In high traffic areas, the UV coating smoothly adheres to itself when reapplication is necessary. After an easy installation with an applicator pad, wait just 2-4 hours until dry to the touch, and Coval Stone reaches a full cure in seven days.

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Terrific Tiles

Coval Stone uses a covalent bond, much stronger than a mechanical bond formed by other sealers, to attach itself to a substrate for an impenetrable surface.

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Hard to Stain

Protect a wide range of hard surfaces with Coval Stone. Surfaces exposed to the public can withstand the traffic and graffiti hazard.

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