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Coval Technologies to Offer Sprayer Solution in 2024 

Coval Technologies announced today at World of Concrete 2024 that it will offer custom-made acetone sprayers to distributors to sell with its coatings this year. The stable base, 3-gallon sprayers will be packaged with all the components needed to successfully install Coval products, including installation instructions, a 72” acetone-resistant hose, and applicable spray tips.    Other […]

Concrete Surface Preparation: ‘You’re the Doctor, Write a Prescription’

Approach concrete surface prep like a doctor and prescribe the correct solution. What to expect and critical things when inspecting your next concrete job. By Kevin Ormsby, Technical Director (Appeared in For Construction Pros magazine, August 2023) Coating a concrete floor requires an accurate diagnosis of the floor before application. You, the installer, and your […]

Coval desarrolla una Guía de Asistencia al Instalador en Español

Coval Technologies ha desarrollado una Guía de Asistencia al Instalador para sus productos Coval Concrete, Coval Concrete Primer y Coval Ultimate Top Coat. La guía está disponible en la mayoría de los distribuidores de Coval en forma de hoja plastificada. Si desea recibir una copia por correo electrónico, póngase en contacto con marketing@covaltechnologies.com.

Industrial Coating for Polished Concrete

Traditional high performance floor coating systems require aggressive surface preparation to get good adhesion. They rely on mechanical bonding by absorbing into the pores or rough topography of the surface. Therefore, you cannot use traditional coatings such as epoxy or urethanes on polished concrete and in mere days, they’ll peel off. Guards or Waxes are […]