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The Coval Upgrade to Traditional VCT Strip and Wax Maintenance

By Kevin Ormsby, Technical Director, Coval Technologies

Over the last couple of decades many new products have come and gone to seal and protect Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT). Two-Part urethanes, Epoxy, and UV-Cured sealers have been tried, yet none of them have been adopted on a widespread implementation for numerous reasons. This topic is for a separate discussion.

Coval chose to use high performance nanotechnology to upgrade the “tried and true” method of stripping and waxing with an option to extend the maintenance cycle several years without upending the entire process with a completely new method.

The standard, and still most popular method today is applying several coats of high-gloss acrylic wax and then maintaining that wax throughout the year with burnishing on a cyclical basis.  If the wax coating becomes worn and too dirty to refresh, then it is removed and replaced, and the cycle starts over.  This routine practice is called “Strip and Wax” and a whole industry of chemicals and equipment has built up around the practice.  Coval’s VCT coating system takes the existing process and improves the longevity and durability to enable longer intervals between the maintenance of the floor and ends the rough task of stripping the floor.

Coval developed Coval Vinyl as a thin film nanotechnology clear coating designed to be installed as the final layer over the floor finish to make it more chemical resistant, harder, and totally scuff resistant.

In addition, Coval Vinyl provides a better floor finish, Coval Vinyl Primer, to put underneath the coating. Coval Vinyl Primer is harder and faster drying than a traditional vinyl floor finish but installed exactly the same way.  As a bonus, the extra durable topcoat of Coval Vinyl can be burnished to improve clarity and also bonds to vinyl cove base to give it a high-gloss luster that is easy to clean.

Introducing Coval Primer + Coval Vinyl

Maintenance professionals take tremendous pride in executing the art of stripping and waxing. Seeing the results of applying four coats of floor finish and sometimes burnishing to achieve a surface that is glossy and sanitary looking is a satisfying experience.  Customers that walk in the door and see shiny, immaculate floors are statistically more likely to return to that business than to a competitor with a dirty, unhygienic floor. To achieve these results, however, arduous stripping and deep cleaning is required to remove the old stains ground into the wax and tile. Coval Vinyl eliminates the ongoing task of stripping off the old wax.

The problem with “Stripping and Waxing” is that the beautiful floor requires regular, continuous service to maintain that look. In several weeks the floor begins to show scuff marks and stains.  This is the reason why Coval developed a better floor finish and a better topcoat to survive long intervals without needing any additional service. 

Coval Vinyl is chemical and stain resistant and will not stain* or scuff in the short amount of time that it takes for a waxed floor.  Keeping the floor clean only requires dust mopping and regular disinfecting and no further stripping or waxing. As time in service takes its toll on the top layer, simply clean it, and reapply a fresh coat to renew the floor in the area that it is showing wear.

The unique application method necessary for Coval’s system is that the top layer is applied with a pump sprayer.  The exclusive crosslinking characteristics of the coating require it to come to rest on top of the primer without mop interference. While this is different than applying the topcoat with a microfiber mop, it is very easy to do. 

Coval Vinyl Use Advantages

  • Eliminate the use and disposal of wax strippers except for initial installation.
  • Stop the wear and tear on the vinyl tiles caused by repeated stripping and waxing.
  • Have a longer lasting and more scuff and chemical resistant topcoat.
  • Introduce a new ability to seal and shine the vinyl cove base for additional revenue.
  • Gives a service company a better offer to its customers.
  • Coval Vinyl applies directly to LVT and sheet vinyl without applying any wax.
  • Freeze a beautiful wax job in time with Coval Vinyl.
  • Explain the sustainability of the coating to clients – no stripping chemicals and no harsh cleaning chemicals.

* Stain: Refer to Coval Vinyl at www.covaltechnologies.com/vinyl for stain testing data