Ultimate Top Coat

Coval UTC is a thin film, single component coating designed to protect finished surfaces and decorative coatings from surface wear and harsh chemicals.

It creates a covalent bond with the coating substrate and is easily and quickly applied with an acetone pump sprayer or HVLP sprayer.

Coval UTC makes an irreversible covalent bond through the available polar groups in epoxies, urethanes, and paints. This prevents moisture, stains, chloride ion penetration, dirt, ice, acids, animal waste, and graffiti damage.

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Coval UTC is designed for all smooth, non-porous and decorative surfaces that benefit from a non-sacrificial protective topcoat.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete prevents a special challenge to regular coatings. The covalent bond formed by Coval UTC allows it to be used where epoxies and urethanes can’t.


Coval UTC will bond directly to Terrazzo and brings back shine. Use it to bring down your maintenance time and use of harsh chemicals.

Fiberglass Restoration

Coval UTC will bond directly to bare fiberglass or surface paint to restore the lost luster and protect against UV and environmental damage for years to come.

Marble and Natural Stone Surfaces

Combat etching, staining, and enhance acid resistance with a single component coating that sets in ambient temperatures without the need for UV curing.

Keep Wood Looking Good

Our top coat over an existing decorative finish results in a protective barrier that is UV stable and resistant to acid, staining, peeling, and flaking.

Ultimate Epoxy Protection

Coval UTC eliminates the need for a cumbersome two-part urethane. It is applied in a thin-film giving superior protection with a fraction of the time, labor, and materials needed to complete.