Coval Vinyl is designed to protect most types of vinyl flooring products by delivering a durable, thin layer over the surface, which will provide a low-maintenance, durable surface that resists most stains and scuff marks without the need for waxing.

Vinyl floors are the cheapest floor to purchase but the most expensive to maintain. Coval Vinyl is here to change that. One coat of Coval Vinyl in normal wear/traffic will last you up to a decade. If applied at night, your school, business, or store will be ready for business the next morning. This provides an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional vinyl floor maintenance. 

Coval Vinyl requires less maintenance, is easy to clean, and lasts longer than traditional coatings which offer significant cost and labor advantages. There is no need for harsh chemicals.

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Vinyl flooring has lost some appeal over the past few decades, Coval Vinyl is here to bring the luster back.

Restore Worn Vinyl

Coval Vinyl brings back that shine and protects against scratches and stains. An occasional sweep and mop is all you need to keep your vinyl floor looking like new.