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Coval Metal Coat – Anti-graffiti Test

Coval Group is honored to be working with Jon Koehler Sculpture. Jon is based in San Diego, CA and has created fantastic pieces of art using steel as his medium in both large and small format works. He uses Coval Metal Coat to protect his artwork from corrosion, weather, and graffiti. Metal Coat chemically bonds directly to the stainless steel sculpture, without the need of a paint, primer, or other intermediate substrate. This allows the clear coating to protect the work without altering the intended appearance. Examples of Jon’s monumental art can be found adorning public spaces throughout southern California, Nevada, and Arizona. Shop art can be viewed in his studio or at jonkoehler.com

“Coval is thrilled to be working with Jon and can’t wait to see his next sculpture” – Ryan Crowe, Manager at Coval USA.

A metal panel was coated with Coval Metal Coat followed by yellow and red spray paint. The paint was then allowed to set for a week and before removal tests began. Acetone and a rag was used to remove the spray paint with minimal effort, leaving the coating intact and without any smears, smudges, or remaining residue.

“It was easily removed, and the coating was totally unaffected. I have been looking for years for a clear coating that can be applied directly to metal and now I have found it” – Jon Koehler.

Coval Group is a chemical manufacturer in TX specializing in next generation coating technology for use in industrial, pipeline, marine, construction, flooring, healthcare, and electronics industries.